Property Management

How to Make The Most Of Your Airbnb Listings


Nowadays, thanks to Airbnb, getting bookings for your rental property is easier than ever. However, Airbnb is getting quite competitive and you have to find strategic ways to maximize your rental income.

10  tips for managing your Airbnb listing better!

  • First, listing your property on Airbnb means serious business, and you have to operate it as one. Take your time to evaluate the policies, rules, regulations and other details and check a few listings in your area to know the strenghts better.
  • Find your pricing approach. Do you want to maximize the occupancy rate or you want a higher price per night? Both strategies have their pros and cons, so evaluate the same before taking the final call. If your property is an exclusive one, you should charge a higher price in general.
  • Have multiple listings? Well, managing more than two or three properties can be confusing and complicated, and you wouldn’t want to lose your guests. A good idea is to choose vacation rental software such as AirGMS that can consolidate data and information for quick access and response.
  • Choose a reliable Airbnb cleaning service. Guests want to have clean rooms, and as the owner, you won’t have the time to manage these aspects at a personal level. Get a professional dedicated company for your needs.
  • Be communicative. Guests on Airbnb are often interested in knowing the response time of the host. Don’t take too long to respond to queries, and if there are complaints, make them your first priority.
  • Focus on money management. Small businesses often fail due to inadequate and unplanned use of finances. Try to understand the monthly trends to know your income better. Also, you can consider using one of the accounting software solutions.
  • Find ways for upgrades. Changing the décor or adding more facilities and amenities can help in getting a better price for your rental property. Small upgrades often help in countering competition, as well.
  • Know the pros and cons. What’s the highlight of your listing – location or facilities? The description of your listing needs to be as genuine as possible. At the same time, you must use the right words, so that the highlights and USPs make more sense to the reader.
  • Be regular. Even if you have hired a manager to oversee your Airbnb listings, you should consider paying personal attention to bookings, cancellation and complaints. Management of Airbnb listing is a regular job, and you cannot avoid that.
  • Be personal. If you are expecting repeat guests or want to improve the reviews of your listings, you need to be caring and friendly with your guests. Email them before their arrival and after they leave, so that they feel more cared for. Also, you can ask them about their preferences and expectations, so that you can arrange for smaller surprises.

Super hosts on Airbnb are always a step ahead in guest management. If you are aiming at that, you should consider revamping your management strategies.