Rope or chain slings? Which one should you choose?


Rope and chain slings can prove to be extremely aids in carrying loads, even in extreme conditions. Both rope and chain slings have many links, but they also divide. So which one to bet on?

Rope or chain slings? Safety considerations

Both rope and chain slings must come from a proven manufacturer who is able to label his products with certificates that agree with European standards. For both types of these products, there are certain manufacturing standards that are intended to ensure the safe use of the slings for the user. The manufacturer must be able to issue the appropriate certificate that the machines have passed all the tests and are fully ready for use. In this case, there are practically no differences between the rope and chain slings. However, it is worth remembering that these elements from unknown sources significantly increase the risk of failure, and at the same time do not ensure the safety of users. Check the offer for rope slings in Mipromet.

Rope or chain slings? How long will they serve us?

When it comes to the service life of the slings, chain slings are definitely the winner. By performing regular inspections and using them in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, they can be used for up to 10 years. Moreover, they can be regenerated, which is not so obvious in the case of rope slings. Chain slings can be regenerated, thus restoring at least 90% of their original functionality and efficiency.

Rope or chain slings? What is their price?

The last extremely important aspect of comparing rope and chain slings is their price. Undoubtedly, these are rope equivalents, they can be up to two times cheaper than chain slings. For this reason, they can be a much more economical solution, especially when the company has a strictly defined budget. However, then their service life should be taken into account again. Nevertheless, if the rope slings survives, for example, the construction for which they were purchased, they can be used further. On the other hand, if the sling is to be an inseparable element of the constant production cycle, the investment in chain slings will turn out to be a much more functional solution, if only because they can be used for much longer, even in extreme conditions.