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The great luxury real estate market in Italy


When foreign people decide to go on holiday or buy a home abroad, they immediately choose Italy. They are in no doubt because know this country is a place of beauty where you can find amazing landscapes and a fascinating history. In fact its natural, historical and cultural heritage is famous worldwide and is studied by scientists, art critics and important historians.

When we visit Italian cities, villages and towns, we can see buildings, works of art, villas and museums that are the symbol of a glorious past. It’s not possible to find this rich cultural heritage elsewhere and the tourists come to Italy to admire this special treasure. They also know here can eat delicious food and drink an excellent wine. In fact Italian cuisine is loved around the world and considered of high quality. The wine is so good and for this reason it is exported to other countries in large quantities.

Who likes admiring Bernini’s sculpture and buildings, Caravaggio and Michelangelo’s paintings and the greatest artists’ works of art, must visit Italy that was the center of art for many centuries. Many show business figures and also common people are fascinated by this little country that has an amazing and interesting cultural tradition. Especially foreign investors and famous actors bought buildings, villas and apartments in recent years in every place of peninsula.


Some of them bought a beautiful house to have the opportunity to live in Italy for a short period. They did not move in Italian State but to own property here is a badge of honor in their country. The luxury real estate agency said they sold many villas in Tuscany and Umbria and beautiful apartments in the center of the most important Italian cities. Then foreign companies are interested in investing capital for buying wine estates especially in Tuscany.

Certainly Montalcino, Bolgheri and Chianti are the places where there were a lot of sales. Many companies think Italy is the better places where you can find vineyards of excellent quality. That luxury real estate agency also told us it was a great business for them to sell many fashion brands. In fact they have been contacted by many investors that wanted to buy a majority stake o even the whole property of these brands. We can conclude luxury real estate market in Italy is always good even though economic crisis has affected this country.

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