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TOP Seafront Istanbul Properties

Seafront Istanbul Properties

If the earth was a single state, its capital would be Istanbul said the great Napoleon Bonaparte. Well, the French Emperor had a point when you gaze upon the city, you understand why it was once a capital of three empires.

It’s, rounded, by the Black Sea, to the north, in the Sea of Marmara to the south and cut into half by the Bosphorus, making it the only city in the world that lies on two continents well in real estate terms.

We’ll, start from the projects with lowest per meter square price and go all the way up to the highest while looking at what you get where and for what price we & #. 39 ll only compare two-bedroom units from each project and I’ll, provide links in the description below.

So you can check the updated prices and inquire for the one that you like number one Bellevue East mo this smartly price homes in cartel Drago’s are boasting some of the finest views in Istanbul facing towards the princess islands.

It’s, moments away from the Marmara metro line, which can take you to the center in just 20 minutes in the vicinity of the project. You have the elite, shopping streets, private schools and hospitals and a thirty kilometres of uninterrupted coastline.

American tank walks in the morning in the weekends you can jump on a ferry to the princess Islands right across to experience the islands untouched beauty. This is what we call an undiscovered gem offers great value for money, and the foreigners are not really aware of what cartel the area that the project is located on offers torques, no better already.

So if you’re, a savvy foreign investor, you should definitely give us a shot. A 2-bedroom apartment here will cost you around a hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars as of today when a per meter square price of 1320 number, two blue marina homes.

This project in Bookman district is for those who enjoy a year-round, marina style living built, the five-star standards. It consists of villas and apartments all boasting extraordinary, Seavey’s. The apartment sizes are ranging from one to five bedrooms and villas in sizes from three to five bedrooms.

It will be completed in September 2020 and located five minutes away from the main highway, making it only 50 minutes drive away from Istanbul Center. Well, if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of a busy Metropole and have a laid-back lifestyle, this project is definitely for you.

A two-bedroom apartment here will set you back around hundred and ninety thousand dollars, which brings the per meter square price to about $ 1,700 number three West marina homes located in Baili Tusu.

This project assures the highest quality for buyers, offering ready to move apartments, ranging from one to four bedrooms in size, drawing lovely views towards the sea and West marina Istanbul. The project is built on an incredible 120 mm meter squares of land with so much room.

Two green areas and social facilities: it has an onboard five-star, hotel, private access to the beach, a brand new, marina and lots more reaching to the center of Istanbul will take you about 40 minutes by car.

The West marina has created a new center in this part of the city. If you want a luxury living and stay away from the busy Metropole yet still be connected, this project is definitely the right choice.

A hundred and four meter squares, 2-bedroom apartment here will cost you about two hundred and ten thousand dollars which will bring the per meter square price to around two thousand dollars. Number four Ottoman Palace located in a prime location in Zeytinburnu in the Central East amble.

This project is designed by an award-winning British architect, constructed to world-class standards, and is one of the best that you can find in this area of Istanbul built on a total area. Measuring 111 hectares properties are available in all types and sizes and will be completed in 2020.

Its unique features include a branded five-star hotel, a marina which is only a minute walk away and a stone square designed to mimic any bustling town square here. 104 metres scores of an apartment will start from three hundred and seventy one thousand dollars with a per meter square cost.

Over am 35:16 great project, hands-down good value for money, and when you compare it to the previous one, there’s, a huge price difference, but we’re, not done in this area. Watch out for the next one, number.

Five Ottoman Sultans located in the historic site of Fatih these homes are the next-door neighbors of the sixteen hundred year old, JD Kula fortress this project, blends history and the modern luxury at its finest available units here are ranging from one to six bedrooms and 80 % Of the project is dedicated to green areas to enjoy the daylight and the sea Vista at a maximum level.

In addition to panoramic sea views, it offers a great on-site social facilities and, of course, an amazingly central location as its minutes away from the most popular public transportation stations. A two-bedroom apartment here will cost you around four hundred and nineteen thousand dollars with a per meter square price.

Thirty, seven. Seventy eight a tiny bit more expensive than the previous project, but it’s more boutique and more authentic amazing project really liked that one too, but we’re not done in this area. Watch out for the next one number, six prova Ithaca located in Ithaca.

This outstanding project is harmonizing city and nature. You know for his luxury apartments, with some of the most impressive sea vistas, all just a short 20 minutes away from Istanbul Center fully completed and ready to move in.

This is one of our top picks in this part of the city with superb on-site social areas. The homes here come in sizes from one to five bedrooms. A two-bedroom apartment here will set you back around six hundred thousand US dollars which will bring the per meter square price around four thousand dollars.

Number seven charmed loop located in Zeytinburnu central Istanbul charm blue, is made up of seven sound and heat-resistant glass covered blocks each one of tilted at an angle to maximize the sea view up to 90 %.

This architectural masterpiece has the highest build quality in our list. Hence the price: the unit’s here are ranging from one to four bedrooms coming with an award-winning interior design that is included within the price it will be delivered in June 2020, with world-class social facilities and leisure centers.

A two-bedroom apartment at charm, blue will set you back around five hundred and seventy six thousand US dollars at a per meter square price of $ 4,800. Well, when it comes to CV in central Istanbul, charm blue is definitely one of our favorite project and there you have it.
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